Laser Usage For Kickstarter Rewards

After delivering nearly all of my Kickstarter rewards, I decided to take a look at the usage on my laser cutter for this project.

I produced 144 Enforcer pistols, 74 Destroyer machine pistols, and 36 Annihilator sub machine rifles. According to the log kept by the laser cutter, here are the usage details to date:

Machine On Time (hrs) 80
Job Time (hrs) 38
Laser Time (hrs) 31
X Travel (m) 6196
Y Travel (m) 2096

Apparently I am only running a job for about half the time that the machine is on. The rest of the time, I am allowing the fumes to clear out, loading material, and removing finished parts. The laser tube has a rated life of 8000 hours, so I have only burned through 0.4% of its life on this project. The lens head has traveled 3.85 miles horizontally and 1.3 miles vertically.

Nobody else probably cares, but I find this to be interesting data. Then again, I am a numbers nerd.