New Teaser Video

I have put together a little teaser video with a few of the clips from the Kickstarter video I am working on. Less than a week before launch!


Slow Motion Destroyer Firing

I decided to capture some slow motion video using my Raspberry Pi single board computer and its associated camera module. Using the 90fps mode and playing the resultant stream back at 10fps give an apparent 9x slow motion effect.

It was interesting to see how much the gun shakes during firing. You can feel it vibrate when you are holding it, but I did not expect it to shake as much as it did.


Annihilator Prototype Video

I was having too much fun with the Annihilator and ended up with a slightly longer video than the other models. Oh well.

Enjoy the demonstration of the select fire aspect of the rifle as I switch between semi and fully automatic. There is a simple toggle switch just above the trigger to select firing modes.


Destroyer Prototype Video

Here is a full-auto slaughter of plastic cups using the Destroyer machine pistol prototype:


Enforcer Prototype Video

Some target shooting with the Enforcer 5-shot semi automatic pistol:


Annihilator Prototype and Video

Annihilator V004 select fire submachine prototype

I cut the Annihilator V004 prototype out last night. It is looking good aside from a mishap where I cut additional holes in the stock. See below for a proof of concept video for the select fire aspect of this submachine rubber band gun.


Prototype Madness!

BurntWeapons prototypes
We have been working hard to prototype our three models for the kickstarter campaign. The best designs are found through iteration, so we "design early and often." Note that the select fire submachine rifle is beginning to take shape! The stock and grip are absent to conserve material during early prototypes.


Destroyer full auto prototype
This is the Destroyer full auto machine pistol. It holds 16+ rubber bands and boasts fully automatic firing. A mechanical oscillator provides a satisfying *clack-clack-clack* during firing and vibrates the gun a bit.


Enforcer semi auto step up pistol prototype

Here is a prototype of the Enforcer rubber band gun. It is a five shot step up semi auto piston. It is the smallest BurntWeapons gun and best choice for small hands.