Thunderclap Sponsors Posted

We have posted the names of people that supported us in our Thunderclap crowdspeaking campaign last May. There were actually over 100 supporters, but most people did not want their names posted. Thanks to all of you.

Visit the Sponsors Page

The Kickstarter backer section is still a work in progress as people are still submitting their backer surveys.


Surveys Going Out

Now that the Kickstarter pledges have been processed and transferred, we are sending out the backers surveys. Our backers must fill out the survey so that we can deliver the rewards.

"Survey Says"

For those who are interested in the funding breakdown:

Pledged:                 $7531
Kickstarter Fees:      $377
Credit Card Fees:     $254
Funding Received: $6900


We are funded!

Thanks to all the backers, Burnt Weapons is now funded through Kickstarter!

Now the real project begins...